List of rivers in Region XIII (Caraga)

The following is a partial list of rivers in Region XIII (Caraga), Philippines.

Aclan River 1Agusan del NorteNasipitButuan Bay
Amontay RiverAgusan del NorteNasipitButuan Bay
Cabadbaran RiverAgusan del NorteCabadbaran, SantiagoMindanao Sea
Camagon RiverAgusan del NorteNasipitButuan Bay
Daywan-Magallanes RiverAgusan del NorteKitcharao, Jabonga
Gihao-an RiverAgusan del NorteBuenavista, Nasipit, ButuanButuan Bay
Kinabhangan RiverAgusan del NorteNasipitButuan Bay
Kubi-Kubi RiverAgusan del NorteNasipitButuan Bay
Magallanes RiverAgusan del NorteMagallanes, Remedios T. Romualdez, CabadbaranButuan Bay
Mamato RiverAgusan del NorteBuenavista
Manapa RiverAgusan del NorteBuenavista, ButuanButuan Bay
Masao RiverAgusan del NorteButuanButuan Bay
Tago RiverAgusan del NorteCabadbaran
Taracan RiverAgusan del NorteSantiago, Cabadbaran
Tubay-Lake Mainit RiverAgusan del NorteTubay, Cabadbaran, Santiago, Jabonga, KitcharaoMindanao Sea
Bigaan RiverAgusan del SurRosario
Bislig RiverAgusan del SurTrento, Bunawan
Hinatuan RiverAgusan del SurSan Francisco
Lingig RiverAgusan del SurTrento
Segan RiverAgusan del SurRosario, Bunawan
Tago RiverAgusan del SurSibagat, Prosperidad
Tarosan RiverAgusan del SurRosario
Guadalupe RiverDinagat IslandsCagdianaoPhilippine Sea
Hibata RiverDinagat IslandsCagdianaoPhilippine Sea
Manoligao RiverDinagat IslandsCagdianaoDinagat Sound
Sabang River 1Dinagat IslandsCagdianaoSan Bernardino Strait
Sabang River 1Dinagat IslandsCagdianaoSan Bernardino Strait
San Jose River 1Dinagat IslandsLibjo, Cagdianao, BasilisaGaas Bay and Libjo Bay
Caeyongen RiverSurigao del NorteClaver
Campo RiverSurigao del NorteBacuag, Alegria, GigaquitHinatuan Passage
Carrascal RiverSurigao del NorteClaver
Catangnan RiverSurigao del NorteGeneral LunaPhilippine Sea
Daywan-Magallanes RiverSurigao del NorteGigaquit, ClaverHinatuan Passage
Hinadladan RiverSurigao del NorteClaverHinadkaban Bay
Lambigue RiverSurigao del NorteGigaquit, Bacuag, ClaverHinatuan Passage
Libertad River 1Surigao del NorteGeneral LunaPhilippine Sea
Marga RiverSurigao del NorteClaver
Pangabihon RiverSurigao del NorteClaverHinatuan Passage
Pilar-Ma-Asin RiverSurigao del NortePilar, DapaPhilippine Sea
Sayug RiverSurigao del NorteSan BenitoDinagat Sound
Tago RiverSurigao del NorteBayabas, Cagwait, Tago, Tandag, San Miguel, Lanuza, CarmenPhilippine Sea
Tubay-Lake Mainit RiverSurigao del NorteAlegria, Tubod, Mainit, Malimono, Sison
Union RiverSurigao del NorteDapa, General LunaPhilippine Sea
Andoran RiverSurigao del NorteLianga, San AgustinLianga Bay
Bakahan RiversSurigao del SurCantilan, MadridPhilipphine Sea
Bigaan RiverSurigao del SurHinatuanHinatuan Bay
Bislig RiverSurigao del SurBislig, LingigBislig Bay
Bon-ot RiverSurigao del SurCantilanCarrascal Bay
Caeyongen RiverSurigao del SurCarrascalCarrascal Bay
Carrascal RiverSurigao del SurCarrascal, CantilanCarrascal Bay
Hatag RiverSurigao del SurMarihatag, CagwaitPhilippine Sea
Hinatuan RiverSurigao del SurHinatuan, Barobo, TagbinaHinatuan Bay
Hubo RiverSurigao del NorteSan Agustin, Marihatag, San Miguel, TagoLianga Bay
Ipil River 1Surigao del SurLanuza, Carmen, CortesLanuza Bay
Lambanao RiverSurigao del SurLanuzaLanuza Bay
Lianga RiverSurigao del NorteLianga, San AgustinLianga Bay
Lingig RiverSurigao del SurLingigPhilippine Sea
Mandug RiverSurigao del SurLingigPhilippine Sea
Marga RiverSurigao del SurCarrascalCarrascal Bay
Otzizla RiverSurigao del SurHinatuanHinatuan Bay
Payasan RiverSurigao del NorteLiangaLianga Bay
Segan RiverSurigao del SurBisligBislig Bay
Tagoan RiverSurigao del SurCantilanCarrascal Bay
Tandag RiverSurigao del SurTandag, Cortes, LanuzaPhilippine Sea
Tangmoan RiverSurigao del SurLingigCateel Bay
Taon RiverSurigao del SurLingig, BisligPhilippine Sea
Taracan RiverSurigao del SurLanuza, Carmen, Madrid, Cantilan, CarrascalLanuza Bay
Tarosan RiverSurigao del SurHinatuan, TagbinaHinatuan Bay


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