List of rivers in Region II (Cagayan Valley)

The following is a partial list of rivers in Region II (Cagayan Valley).

Rivers in Region II (Cagayan Valley)
Apulagan RiverCagayanSanta Ana and GonzagaPacific Ocean
Aunugay RiverCagayanGonzaga and Lal-loBabuyan Channel
Baguio RiverCagayanPeñablancaPacific Ocean
Batagubay RiverCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Baua RiverCagayanGonzagaBabuyan Channel
Buguey River LagoonCagayanBuguey, Santa Teresita and Lal-loBabuyan Channel
Cabicungan RiverCagayanClaveria and Sanchez-MiraBabuyan Channel
Cabudadar RiverCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Casambalangan RiverCagayanSanta Ana and GonzagaBabuyan Channel
Catabang CreekCagayanBuguey, Santa Teresita and Lal-loBabuyan Channel
ConconaccCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Dalaya CreekCagayanBuguey, Santa Teresita and Lal-loBabuyan Channel
Danak RiverCagayanGonzagaBabuyan Channel
Dikatayan RiverCagayanPeñablancaPalanan Bay
Dulang RiverCagayanPeñablancaDivilacan Bay
Ilang RiverCagayanPeñablancaDivilacan Bay
KaniwalaanCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
KasaluranCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Linaman RiverCagayanGonzaga and Lal-loTabuan Bay
Lobod RiverCagayanPeñablancaDivilacan Bay
Lubig RiverCagayanSanta AnaPacific Ocean
Macarabur RiverCagayanBaggaoTabuan Bay
Magui RiverCagayanGonzagaTabuan Bay
Manadero CreekCagayanBuguey, Santa Teresita and Lal-loBabuyan Channel
ManulangCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Minabul RiverCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Mission RiverCagayanSanta Teresita and Lal-loBabuyan Channel
Ninauan RiverCagayanBaggaoTabuan Bay
Pageglan RiverCagayanGattaranTabuan Bay
Palawig RiverCagayanSanta AnaBabuyan Channel
Parasi RiverCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Pata RiverCagayanSanchez-MiraBabuyan Channel
Patanungan RiverCagayanSanta AnaPacific Ocean
Sinago RiverCagayanSanta AnaPacific Ocean
South Manungingo RiverCagayanGonzagaPacific Ocean
Taboan RiverCagayanBaggao and PeñablancaTabuan Bay
Tabuan RiverCagayanGattaran and Lal-loTabuan Bay
Tagod RiverCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Tangatan RiverCagayanSanta AnaBabuyan Channel
Tapel RiverCagayanGonzagaBabuyan Channel
Vista RiverCagayanCalayanBabuyan Channel
Bolos RiverIsabelaSan PabloDivilacan Bay
Digollorin RiverIsabelaSan Mariano and DinapiguePacific Ocean
Dikatayan RiverIsabelaSan Pablo, MaconaconPalanan Bay
Dikinamaran RiverIsabelaIlaganPalanan Bay
Dilacnadanom RiverIsabelaIlaganPalanan Bay
Dimapnat RiverIsabelaIlaganPalanan Bay
Dimatatno RiverIsabelaDinapiguePacific Ocean
Disukad RiverIsabelaIlagan, IsabelaPalanan Bay
Divilacan RiverIsabelaDivilacan and IlaganDivilacan Bay
Dokotongladen RiverIsabelaIlaganDimalasan Port
Masalansan RiverIsabelaDivilacan and IlaganDivilacan Bay
Oway RiverIsabelaMaconacon and DivilacanDivilacan Bay
Palanan-Dibenbinan-Dialaulao RiverIsabelaPalanan, San Mariano, Ilagan and DinapiguePalanan Bay


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