List of most populated municipalities in the Visayas (2015)

The following is a list of municipalities of the Visayas with the highest population in the 2015 Census.

As of 2015, the three most populated municipalities in the Visayas are located within the province of Cebu, near Cebu City, in Cebu island. Minglanilla remains to be the most populous (132,135), followed by Consolacion (131,528), and Liloan (118,753).

Municipality Population (2015) Area Population density (/km2, 2015) Province Region Municipal center island
Minglanilla132,13565.602,014CebuRegion VIICebu
Consolacion131,52837.033,552CebuRegion VIICebu
Liloan118,75345.922,586CebuRegion VIICebu
Cauayan102,165520.00196Negros OccidentalRegion VINegros
Catarman94,037464.43202Northern SamarRegion VIIISamar
Oton89,11586.441,031IloiloRegion VIPanay
Balamban87,177333.56261CebuRegion VIICebu
Hinigaran85,602154.92553Negros OccidentalRegion VINegros
Daanbantayan84,43092.27915CebuRegion VIICebu
Murcia81,286279.14291Negros OccidentalRegion VINegros
Calatrava80,624504.50160Negros OccidentalRegion VINegros
Kalibo80,60550.751,588AklanRegion VIPanay
Bantayan79,08481.68968CebuRegion VIIBantayan
Mabinay78,864319.44247Negros OrientalRegion VIINegros
Siaton77,696335.90231Negros OrientalRegion VIINegros
Santa Catalina75,756523.10145Negros OrientalRegion VIINegros
Pototan75,07097.10773IloiloRegion VIPanay


  1. Data on population and area derived from the Philippine Statistics Authority.
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