List of most populated barangays of Tarlac (2020)

The following is a list of barangays of Tarlac province with the highest population in the 2020 Census.

Most populated barangays of Tarlac (2020)
NameFormer/variant namePopulation (2020)City/municipality
Cristo Rey35,334Capas
Matatalaib24,944Tarlac City
San Rafael20,999Tarlac City
San NicolasPoblacion19,777Bamban
San Vicente18,105Tarlac City
Tibag17,800Tarlac City
Maliwalo16,106Tarlac City
San Isidro14,614Tarlac City
Sapang Maragul12,307Tarlac City
Cutcut 1st12,059Capas
San Roque11,986Bamban
Santa Lucia11,484Capas
San JosePoblacion10,454Concepcion
Carangian10,195Tarlac City
San Jose9,606Tarlac City
San Francisco8,828Concepcion
Poblacion Norte8,825Paniqui


  1. Data on population derived from the Philippine Statistics Authority.
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