General Mariano Alvarez, Province of Cavite

Summary data
Island groupLuzon
RegionCALABARZON (Region IV‑A)
Barangay count27
Postal code4117
Marine waterbodiesnone (landlocked)
Philippine major island(s)Luzon
Area (2013)9.40 km2 (3.63 sq mi)
Population (2020)172,433
Density (2020)18,344 / km2 (47,502 / sq mi)
Coordinates14° 18' North, 121° 0' East (14.2983, 121.0069)
Estimated elevation above sea level155.4 meters (509.6 feet)

General Mariano Alvarez is a landlocked municipality in the coastal province of Cavite.

The municipality has a land area of 9.40 square kilometers or 3.63 square miles which constitutes 0.62% of Cavite's total area. Its population as determined by the 2020 Census was 172,433. This represented 3.97% of the total population of Cavite province, or 1.06% of the overall population of the CALABARZON region. Based on these figures, the population density is computed at 18,344 inhabitants per square kilometer or 47,502 inhabitants per square mile.


General Mariano Alvarez has 27 barangays as shown in the following table.

Demographic profile of barangays
Local government units of General Mariano Alvarez
BarangayPopulation percentage (2020)Population (2020)Population (2015)Change (2015‑2020)Annual Population Growth Rate (2015‑2020)
Aldiano Olaes5.54%9,5545,49074.03%12.37%
Barangay 1 Poblacion3.81%6,5675,63516.54%3.27%
Barangay 2 Poblacion2.41%4,1634,369-4.72%-1.01%
Barangay 3 Poblacion1.43%2,4592,3136.31%1.30%
Barangay 4 Poblacion2.75%4,7424,5155.03%1.04%
Barangay 5 Poblacion9.87%17,02015,39810.53%2.13%
Benjamin Tirona1.70%2,9242,7356.91%1.42%
Bernardo Pulido8.33%14,35813,4057.11%1.46%
Epifanio Malia2.41%4,1503,42521.17%4.12%
Fiorello Calimag1.52%2,6182,5970.81%0.17%
Francisco de Castro5.84%10,0678,88613.29%2.66%
Francisco Reyes4.60%7,9305,83235.97%6.68%
Gavino Maderan4.99%8,5997,78910.40%2.10%
Gregoria de Jesus6.50%11,21310,3468.38%1.71%
Inocencio Salud1.49%2,5672,4883.18%0.66%
Jacinto Lumbreras2.48%4,2724,2600.28%0.06%
Kapitan Kua1.98%3,4152,98014.60%2.91%
Koronel Jose P. Elises2.61%4,5093,87016.51%3.27%
Macario Dacon3.00%5,1814,8596.63%1.36%
Marcelino Memije2.87%4,9524,8951.16%0.24%
Nicolasa Virata3.64%6,2776,1052.82%0.59%
Pantaleon Granados2.01%3,4683,487-0.54%-0.11%
Ramon Cruz4.45%7,6787,5461.75%0.37%
San Gabriel5.05%8,7097,57514.97%2.98%
San Jose2.51%4,3304,1045.51%1.13%
Severino de Las Alas4.41%7,5996,9828.84%1.80%
Tiniente Tiago1.80%3,1123,257-4.45%-0.95%
General Mariano Alvarez Total172,433155,14311.14%2.25%


The annual regular revenue of General Mariano Alvarez for the fiscal year of 2016 was 288,458,823.95.

Annual regular income of General Mariano Alvarez (2009‑2016)
Fiscal YearAnnual Regular IncomeChange

End notes:

  • Annual Regular Income = Locally Sourced Revenue + Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA) Current Year + Other Shares from National Tax Collection
  • Locally Sourced Revenue = Real Property Tax (General Fund) + Tax on Business + Other Taxes + Regulatory Fees + Service/User Charges + Receipts from Economic Enterprises



The household population of General Mariano Alvarez in the 2015 Census was 154,718 broken down into 34,773 households or an average of 4.45 members per household.

Number of households in General Mariano Alvarez (1990‑2015)
Census dateHousehold populationNumber of householdsAverage household size

Population by age group

According to the 2015 Census, the age group with the highest population in General Mariano Alvarez is 5 to 9, with 16,056 individuals. Conversely, the age group with the lowest population is 80 and over, with 849 individuals.

Population of General Mariano Alvarez by age group (2015 census)
Age groupPopulation (2015)Age group percentage
Under 13,1662.04%
1 to 413,3378.60%
5 to 916,05610.35%
10 to 1416,02910.33%
15 to 1915,88510.24%
20 to 2415,4939.99%
25 to 2913,0788.43%
30 to 3411,8487.64%
35 to 3910,8396.99%
40 to 449,1135.87%
45 to 498,3005.35%
50 to 547,0354.53%
55 to 595,3103.42%
60 to 643,7072.39%
65 to 692,3701.53%
70 to 741,5120.97%
75 to 791,2160.78%
80 and over8490.55%
  • Youth Dependency Ratio: 48.29
  • Old Age Dependency Ratio: 5.91
  • Total Dependency Ratio: 54.2
  • Median Age: 24.23

Historical population

The population of General Mariano Alvarez grew from 65,977 in 1990 to 172,433 in 2020, an increase of 106,456 people over the course of 30 years. The latest census figures in 2020 denote a positive growth rate of 2.25%, or an increase of 17,290 people, from the previous population of 155,143 in 2015.

Population of General Mariano Alvarez (1903‑2020)
Census datePopulationGrowth rate

The total number of registered voters or electorate in General Mariano Alvarez for the year 2019 was 91,474, broken down into 42,286 males and 49,188 females.


The municipal center of General Mariano Alvarez is situated at approximately 14° 18' North, 121° 0' East, in the island of Luzon. Elevation at these coordinates is estimated at 155.4 meters or 509.6 feet above mean sea level.


Based on the great-circle distance (the shortest distance between two points over the surface of the Earth), the cities closest to General Mariano Alvarez are Dasmariñas, Cavite, San Pedro, Laguna, Biñan, Laguna, Muntinlupa, Santa Rosa, Laguna, and Cabuyao, Laguna. The nearest municipalities are Carmona, Cavite, Silang, Cavite, Amadeo, Cavite, Indang, Cavite, Kawit, Cavite, and Noveleta, Cavite. Its distance from the national capital is 32.47 kilometers (20.18 miles). The following list delineates such distance measurements.

great-circle distance

Nearest towns

  • Carmona, Cavite, 5.73 kilometers (3.56 miles) to the East‑Northeast (N73°E)
  • Silang, Cavite, 8.99 kilometers (5.59 miles) to the South‑Southwest (S23°W)
  • Amadeo, Cavite, 16.95 kilometers (10.53 miles) to the South‑Southwest (S33°W)
  • Indang, Cavite, 18.03 kilometers (11.21 miles) to the Southwest (S51°W)
  • Kawit, Cavite, 19.61 kilometers (12.19 miles) to the Northwest (N34°W)
  • Noveleta, Cavite, 19.62 kilometers (12.19 miles) to the Northwest (N45°W)

Nearest cities

  • Dasmariñas, Cavite, 8.18 kilometers (5.08 miles) to the West‑Northwest (N67°W)
  • San Pedro, Laguna, 9.05 kilometers (5.62 miles) to the Northeast (N36°E)
  • Biñan, Laguna, 9.43 kilometers (5.86 miles) to the East‑Northeast (N61°E)
  • Muntinlupa, 11.43 kilometers (7.10 miles) to the North‑Northeast (N21°E)
  • Santa Rosa, Laguna, 11.51 kilometers (7.15 miles) to the East (N81°E)
  • Cabuyao, Laguna, 12.77 kilometers (7.93 miles) to the East (S79°E)

Distance from Manila: 32.47 kilometers (20.18 miles) to the North (N5°W)


  1. Unless otherwise specified, population count (excluding percentages), household data, and land area figures are derived from the Philippine Statistics Authority.
  2. Data on registered voters is from the Commission on Elections.
  3. Data on annual regular income is from the Bureau of Local Government Finance, Department of Finance
  4. Postal code information is from the Philippine Postal Corporation.
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