Frequently asked questions

Some pages are not displayed correctly.

Please be sure to clear your browser cache to see the latest version.

The pages in PhilAtlas have been, as of the time of writing, tested successfully in Chrome, Opera, and Firefox. The site is best viewed in Chrome or Opera.

The distances do not follow the road.

Please note that the distances refer to the air distance, flight distance or great circle distance, the shortest route from one point of the Earth to another. This route follows the ellipsoidal surface of the Earth. Data on road distances are currently unavailable.

I have identified some inaccuracies in the map. Will I be able to change it?

We cannot guarantee absolute accuracy as much of the map images rely on OpenStreetMap data. For map tiles beyond the control of this website, you may be able to add your own fixes by clicking the "View Larger Map" button in any of the city or town pages to edit that area in OpenStreetMap. Note that it might take some time for the changes to appear on the map.

I found erroneous data that needs to be fixed.

You can send details about the erroneous information using the Contact page so that these may be reviewed.

Is it possible to use a map image from your website?

Yes. Please add the proper attribution "PhilAtlas, Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors".

I have other questions or want to provide feedback. How may I contact you?

Please send comments or feedback using the Contact page.

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